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Sony earlier announced that the PS4 would come with a mono headset & when we first saw this smartphone style earplug & mic, we were revealed to hear that the PS4 is compatible with PS3 headsets. That being said, there are some awesome PlayStation headsets available to meet every gamer’s sound needs.

Mono PS4 Headset OK for you?

With the PS4 coming in at under $100 less than XBOX ONE, the fact that it does ship with headphones is still a bonus, so you can jump straight in to team chats during game play,but lets remember that the PS4 Eye also has 4 internal mics so team communication can be engaged with either or both.  As for the boxed headset, well even though its a mono earpiece, all team chat is heard in mono  anyway, so it serves its purpose.  The PS4 headset will connect directly into the PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller using a standard headphone jack, allowing PS4 owners to purchase 3rd party headsets, something that Microsoft and their XBOX ONE have not done. they remain using a unique connector limiting your choice to their own line of headsets.

So what makes a good gaming headset?

A good head set should offer clarity of sound as well as comfortable for long game sessions. I know one of my hates it a headset after several hours of hardcore gaming. The next thing is the microphone, Sonys official PS4 wireless headphones have always been a solid bet, the microphone is non intrusive, the head set is comfortable and they sound great too. have the latest and greatest PS4 Headsets available for online purchase follow the link to find the best PS4 headset deals

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